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    • Private adaptation in semi-arid lands: a tailored approach to ‘leave no one behind’. 

      Gannon, Kate Elizabeth; Crick, Florence; Atela, Joanes; Babagaliyeva, Zhanna; Batool, Samavia; Badelian, Claire; Carabine, Elizabeth; Conway, Declan; Diop, Mamadou; Frankhausser, San; Jobbins, Guy; Ludi, Eva; Qaisrani, Ayesha; Rouhaud, Estelle; Simonet, Catherine; Suleri, Abid; Wade, Cheikh Tidiane (2019)
      Semi-arid lands (SALs) in developing countries are climate change ‘hotspots’ where climate hazards will affect poor populations disproportionately. This represents a major threat to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda ...